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Standard cakes/cupcakes are decorated with confetti sprinkles or a few small buttercream flowers, along with optional colored writing. Standard cake/cupcake prices (and serving sizes) are featured on my menu (under the MENU tab).

Specialty decorated cakes are priced per serving, depending on details, starting at $3.00 per serving and increasing from there, up to $15.00+ per serving for elaborate designs. Details that factor into price include size and shape, colors, decorations, fondant/sugar paste used, labor, etc.

Specialty decorated cupcakes are priced per cupcake, depending on details, starting at $3.00 each and increasing from there accordingly.

Please inquire with your theme/ideas, and the number of people you would like to feed.

Feel free to send any [pictures, swatches, decorations, drawings, etc.] of inspiration, for reference.

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