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these are not just cookies, they're art in the form of a cookie

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While I offer standard [non-decorated] cookies in various flavors (check out my menu), ​Decorated Iced Shortbread cookies are on a level of their own. These buttery shortbread cookies are delicious, and they're a real treat when they're custom-decorated with a beautiful layer of royal icing on top.

They make great gifts, favors, and show-stopping dessert displays.

These custom cookies are extremely time-consuming and laborious, while requiring a high level of skill to execute properly. They're priced individually, depending on details, starting at $1.00 per inch in diameter per cookie, and increasing from there accordingly. Details that factor into price include size and shape, icing colors, decorations, labor, etc.

Mini-sized cookies average $1.00-$2.50 each, medium-sized cookies average $3.00-$4.50 each, large-sized cookies average $4.50-$6.00+ each, and extra large or very detailed cookies average $7.00+ each. Exact pricing depends on details, please inquire with your theme/ideas so I can quote you an appropriate price. Please send any pictures for reference.

Once I provide you a quote for your cookies, pricing includes either individually wrapping each cookie, arranging them unwrapped on a tray with lid, or packaging them in a box unwrapped (if you have your own display).

These cookies are fresh 1 week when unwrapped and 2 weeks when wrapped.